Calm, Cleanse, Invigorate, Relax

The importance of health and wellbeing has never been more relevant and here at Penrhiw Priory, we have a range of natural holistic treatments enhance your luxury stay. Choose from a range of treatments or experience a bespoke treatment incorporating aspects from all therapies.

Rates for the Treatments Below:
  • 30 minutes – £55
    60 minutes – £90
    90 minutes – £115

    Additional time charged at £55 per 30 minutes
    All treatments allow for a 5 to 10 minute consultation

Gentle and soothing massage techniques using a synergistic blend of essential oils individually chosen for you to give a relaxing massage of sensory bliss.

Traditional and modern massage techniques incorporating gentle pressures to marma/acupressure points of the head and face. A deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment for mind, body and soul.

A classic treatment focusing on tight, tired and achy areas using a combination of stroking, kneading and flowing massage techniques. Eases away your tension, improves your circulation and leaves you feeling revived and refreshed.

Using traditional and ancient techniques on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face to give you a sense of relief and well-being.

Restores and revives your whole body through your feet while relieving aches and pains, helping you to relax and unwind. (Can be for Hands And Feet.)

Set Price Treatments
  • The treatments below are priced individually and are for a set duration:

Lava Shells Rescue Massage – (90 minutes £115)
An ingenious combination of deep massage with warm Lava Shells to relax muscles and cool Glacial Shells to reduce inflammation. The treatment is a combination of heat and ice therapy and manual massage used to target specific problem areas, address issues of referred pain and reduce muscle tension.

Hopi Ear Candles and Craniosacral Massage – (45 minutes £65)
The ancient Hopi people of North Arizona have practiced thermo auricular therapy for centuries. Well known for their medicinal knowledge and spiritual significance. A most soothing and rebalancing treatment for the head, ears, and the sinuses.

Encapsulate – (90 minutes 115)
Our signature treatment has been perfected over years of listening to guest feedback. The mood is calm, and the air is bursting with essence. The treatment begins with a Chakra balance and pressure points. A full body aroma massage including a detailed Indian head massage will leave anybody floating on air.

Lava Relax – (60 minutes £90)
The warmth of the Lava Shells allows deep relaxation in this bespoke full body massage treatment. The shells warm and relax muscles and work intensely on pressure points and tension areas. The massage eases stress and stiffness and delivers a powerful massage treatment.

Silk Chrysalis – (60 minutes £90)
A top to toe body exfoliation, dry body brushing, encapsulating the body in a recipe of lemon myrtle, eucalyptus and bergamot, golden Jojoba, and macadamia salt. Drenching you with Tahitian and Bourbon vanilla extract and Madagascan rarabe butter.

Facial – The Immortal Oil Ayurvedic Facial Marma Massage – (60 minutes £105)

Using The Immortal Facial Oil with a revolutionary blend of rare vital oils with the world’s finest essential oils, known for their natural anti-oxidant benefits. This exquisite melange containing the ‘Oil of Tranquility’ is designed to help reverse the biological signs of ageing, eliminate dryness, and boost collagen whilst improving the skin’s elasticity for a plump and even skin tone.

Together with the intricate Ayurvedic marma facial massage this treatment helps to:

* Maintain good tone and elasticity to all skin layers which helps to hold youthful contours

* Enhance nourishment and cleansing of tissues which make for a glowing complexion

* Melt away facial tension, smoothing wrinkles and bring gentleness to the expression.


A herbal compress and warm oil is used on the sacrum followed by light spinal massage; tension release in the head, shoulders, knees and feet to move and balance the body’s electromagnetic flow, harmonising and relaxing the body in preparation for a luxurious facial massage using The Immortal Oil.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types

Classic Facial – (60 minute £90)

This facial includes a double cleanse – suiting the clients skin.

Tone, exfoliate, manual facial massage and a draining massage with a Jade Stone

Mask – To suit the clients skin, followed by a scalp massage with pressure points

Facial Serum and Moisturizer

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