The Times reports on the new Coastal Way from St Davids to Aberdaron

"Vast beaches, seals and Welsh castles" writes Grame Green of The Times following his 180-mile drive along the Coastal Way from St Davids to Aberdaron.

Before starting in St Davids, Graeme Green stayed at Roch Castle, just 7 miles from Britain's smallest city.

"Lights come on across the sweep of St Brides Bay. The sky pinkens and slowly turns grey in this quiet corner of southwest Wales, with Skomer Island, famous for puffins, to our left, and Ramsey Island to our right. As the houses in the village of Roch and the boats bobbing on the ocean switch on their lights, we take in the scene from a unique vantage point: through the window of the tallest tower of a 12th-century castle."

Read the full article online at The Times Travel Guide 18 August 2018.

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