About Artist & Art Details

Graeme Brusby aka xenz was introduced to art as a teenager via graffiti in the late 80s. He and adopted the Tag Sense which eventually evolved into the name which he uses today xenz. When painting he prefers to make it up as he goes with no prior sketches or designs relying more on memories of his travels and experiences. His work has evolved so much over time that graffiti no longer sufficiently describes what he does although your just as likely to see his name scrawled on a wall as you are at the bottom of a beautiful painting. He was once described as the Monet of graffiti because of the impressionistic nature to his work.  His paintings seem to have destructive yet delicate expressionism about them, using drips and smudges to portray the leaves of a tree or the beautiful plumage of a bird.  The natural world, the urban environment and Asian art are some of his many inspirations. A reoccurring theme in his work are the courtship routines of birds something from which he draws many parallels as an exhibiting artist that also paints on the streets. 

This collection of work was created in his london studio after a short visit to st davids and the local area. He felt he had discovered a wonderful almost secret part of the world hidden away in the valleys and wanted to create pieces that evoke the same feelings of discovery and pieces that illustrate the tradition of story telling and the history of the location in which they are displayed.